Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

This was such a fun Easter! We went to Kent Station for an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. It was crazy! It wasn't organized very well, but the sun was shining and Ryan had a great time. We then spent some time downtown. Everyone was out enjoying the beautiful spring day. We woke Sunday morning to rain. It rained ALL day. Ryan was so excited that the Easter Bunny brought her a Littlest Pet Shop toy, a bunny and lots of candy. Peyton loved playing with the eggs and chasing them around the floor. She really liked the little toys the Easter Bunny brought her. Ryan and Troy spent the morning dying easter eggs. She then decorated them with Hello Kitty stickers. The girls looked so cute in their Easter dresses. We had a purple theme this year. We got the only dress we could find that fit Ryan's requirements of "being down to her toes" and I made the girls matching flowers for their hair. After church we went to a friend of Troy's, Paul, from work. We had a great dinner that consisted of all the "spring" animals: lamb, rabbit, ham, and duck. Paul is a great cook. Ryan had fun playing with another little girl at the party and Peyton had fun playing on the floor with a couple of other babies. More than anything, we were greatful that we could spend the day together and reflect on the ressurection of our Savior.


Well, I'm trying to get back to reality. My sister and two of her kids left last Thursday and since then, I've been trying to get my life back in order. I think the girls and I were officially on vacation for almost a month. We had a great time visiting everyone in Arizona. We especially loved the sunshine and warm weather. I forgot my sunglasses and I'm still not sure how I made it two weeks without them. Ryan played outside everyday with Grandma and Papa and was exhausted by the time our two weeks were up! She had tons of fun playing with all the cousins, going to the zoo with Papa and even a puppet show. I exhausted myself with a "quick" trip to LA to figure out how to start a business and then tons of running around AZ doing research. Peyton was officially a GRUMP in LA. She is normally a very happy baby, but after three days of either sitting in a carseat or stroller, she either scowled or screamed at anyone that looked at her. Her bottom two teeth decided to come in at the same time so none of us got any sleep. Oh well, overall it was a great time. While in AZ, my sister threw me a surprise birthday party. It was a total shock! I wish I'd had a clue because I looked AWFUL! I thought we were playing outside with the kids, so what was I going to get dressed up for?! Oh well, I had a great time catching up with old friends. We enjoyed going to Collin's (my nephew) t-ball game and finally getting to see Alexis perform with her dance group. It's surprising how quickly two weeks can fly by!
After returning from AZ, we had 3 days to get ready for my sister, Alexis and Slade to come visit. We spent a week wandering around Seattle and enjoying some RAIN! It rained almost the whole time they were here. Ryan whines every day about how much she misses Alexis. I just keep telling her it gives her something to look forward too. She can't wait for them to come again with Collin and Logan too!
P.S. I finally posted a picture of my pink hair and a picture from my party below!