Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Dangers of Scouting

Because of my new calling in the primary presidency, we got to attend the Cub Scout Pack Meeting last night. It was a barbecue at Lake Wilderness. The girls were excited to play on the playground. They had a great time on the slides and the swings. They had hot dogs and chicken, lots of salads, and of course lots of dessert. While I was inline getting some food for Ryan and Peyton, I heard Peyton crying. I looked over and saw Troy holding her and she was MAD. Then I was sitting at the picnic table feeding her and she had a little spot on her nose and blood smeared across her face. I asked Troy what happened and he said that she was either stung by a bee or had a thorn in her nose. She got over it very quickly and while I was running errands last night, Troy put the girls to bed. Peyton did not have a good night. She started crying at 12:30. I held her and rocked her for a while. I gave her Tylenol, but she continued to scream. I never turned the light on and after enough screaming, I went to get her a bottle. Well, this morning when I went in to get her, this is what I saw. I guess there's not really a question of whether it was a bee or not. My poor baby!!! (It actually doesn't look as bad in the pictures. It's REALLY swollen.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Super Saturday

Saturday was such a busy day for us. We started out the morning with our Stake Primary Activity. The kids had a great time going to different ward booths that represented different countries. They made crafts or played a game at each. Annette and I were in charge of our ward booth. Our country was USA and Kelly gave us a "Hot Potato" water balloon game to use. When we went to Kelly's house on Friday afternoon, she showed us how to use the game and made sure everything worked. Then of course Saturday morning, it wouldn't work! We turned our booth into a "throw the water balloon in the plastic laundry basket and make it break" game! Oh well, we had the cutest sign!!!Saturday afternoon we were invited to attend the temple sealing of our good friends, Scott and Cristie Carter. I was afraid we were going to be late, but luckily, we showed up with 10 minutes to spare!! The sealing was beautiful and it was such a pleasure to be invited to attend. After, we were invited to a fabulous barbecue at their home with our girls. We had such a great time sitting around and enjoying the beautiful weather. Ryan had the most fun being with the "big girls". They gave her the biggest piece of cake and Emily and Ashlyn took her swimming in the lake and then swimming in the hottub. Peyton spent her time stealing everyone's drinks. At one point, the bishop let her take over his sparkling cider. She even stole Cristie's cherry coke. Later in the evening, the missionaries came over so that Elder Wilde could burn his suit as part of the going home ritual. So the girls were pretty entertained by that. It was so hard to leave, the girls were having so much fun, but they were SO dirty!
Thanks Scott and Cristie for including us in your special day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

We had such a great day on Friday. My friend Boni invited us to her parents house who live on Lake Tapps. So we, along with Shanda and her kids and Laura and her kids, caravaned over to Lake Tapps. We spent time hanging out on the grass under the fabulous canopy. We had a nice picnic lunch and the girls had a blast playing on the grass or in the lake. Ryan has no fear anymore of water. She put her vest on and jumped right in with the rest of the kids. Ryan and Anna had fun playing with some barbies they found and the little baby pool. Peyton spent most of her time eating or trying to steal everyone else's water bottles. Thanks Boni, it was a blast!
That night I got a babysitter and Troy and I went to the temple for our ward's temple night. It's always nice to get out and have some quiet time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Festival!

Sunday, the 10th, was Boeing's Family Festival. The girls had such a great time. There was so much to do and so much to eat and in Peyton's case, so much to drink! When we got there we were all hungry so we went to all the different booths to get some food. They had Vegetarian Curry, Asian Chicken Sandwiches, Ribs, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Caesar Salad, Corn on the cob, Watermelon, Yakisoba, Strawberry Shortcake, and Ice Cream Bars. It was ridiculous! We got a sampling of various things and then we grabbed some drinks out of a red wagon that was probably the size of two queen sized beds put together. I've never seen anything so huge! Peyton discovered soda. She REALLY likes it! Troy very generously started her out with diet Sierra Mist and then they moved on to diet Mountain Dew. Does anyone else see a problem with that???
We spent our time taking the girls on the bounce house/slides. They also had a mini-bumper boat ride, radio controlled cars that ran on a race track, Pony rides (Ryan was so excited, she got to ride Spotty. I don't know what Peyton's pony's name was), Air brushed tattoos (we even marked Peyton!), various carnival games, and way more I can't even think of. While we were standing in the VERY long line for the Pony rides, Peyton threw an enormous fit because she wanted more soda. Her fit was so ridiculous that Troy finally walked her back to the wagon and got her an orange soda. She proceeded to drink almost the entire thing by herself. Apparently we are not going to be having any more soda with her around!
The girls had a great day and we had so much fun spending time together as a family. That's been a hard thing to do lately so we'll take advantage of any opportunity we get!
(I can't find my camera charger and my camera battery died, so when I find it I'll post some pics!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We'll Always Have Twilight!

With threats from Jacalyn that if I don't do this, I will be beaten, I, like every other Mormon girl will post my blog on the Twilight series. And since Jac already posted such a great blog that explains the whole story, I'm just going to copy a lot of it!!
The OBSESSION, to put it mildly, began for Jac & I in Hawaii last year. We'd both heard about the book, but neither of us were going to read it. It sounded lame. A vampire romance written by a BYU grad, come on! But my Jac's mom gave it to her and I borrowed a copy from my friend Shanda and somehow we both ended up with Twilight on Oahu.
We were both instantly hooked!! We couldn't get enough. We read Twilight so fast and were thirsty (pun intended) for more. We drug Troy and the girls on our top-priority mission around the island until we found a Barnes & Noble where we both immediately purchased New Moon and Eclipse. We read and read and read. We read on Waikiki, we read on our balcony (in the dark), we read by the pool, we read on the plane. We laughed histerically together over everything! We told Wig part of the story because she wanted to be a part of the group too, and Jac even taught her how to say, "I want to suck your blood!".
Jac and I texted each other our favorite quotes everyday. We've read each book probably 3 times. We were all over Stephenie's website, we looked at the the cars, read the outtakes, read chapter 1 of Midnight Sun. We were major groupies!
And...we had to wait a year for book #4. How were we ever going to make it? We passed the time: we cheked the website for updates, watched the Twilight movies trailers over and over, and we introduced the book to as many people as we could. They enjoyed it, but not like Jac and I. We were the true devotees.
I finished way before Jac did, but we still called and text each other about the book. What we thought would happen, what we like, what was far-fetched. I even tried discussing it with Jac's friend Kate. She was the only other person who had read ahead of me! Jac loved it - her 2 vampire buddies, bonding without her!
I am so sad that the Twilight series is over, but I plan to re-read all 4 books asap. Yesterday, Jac and I had a long converstion (full of laughter) about what we loved. The best part about the series was having someone to enjoy it with.

No matter what happens, Jac and I always have Twilight!