Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We'll Always Have Twilight!

With threats from Jacalyn that if I don't do this, I will be beaten, I, like every other Mormon girl will post my blog on the Twilight series. And since Jac already posted such a great blog that explains the whole story, I'm just going to copy a lot of it!!
The OBSESSION, to put it mildly, began for Jac & I in Hawaii last year. We'd both heard about the book, but neither of us were going to read it. It sounded lame. A vampire romance written by a BYU grad, come on! But my Jac's mom gave it to her and I borrowed a copy from my friend Shanda and somehow we both ended up with Twilight on Oahu.
We were both instantly hooked!! We couldn't get enough. We read Twilight so fast and were thirsty (pun intended) for more. We drug Troy and the girls on our top-priority mission around the island until we found a Barnes & Noble where we both immediately purchased New Moon and Eclipse. We read and read and read. We read on Waikiki, we read on our balcony (in the dark), we read by the pool, we read on the plane. We laughed histerically together over everything! We told Wig part of the story because she wanted to be a part of the group too, and Jac even taught her how to say, "I want to suck your blood!".
Jac and I texted each other our favorite quotes everyday. We've read each book probably 3 times. We were all over Stephenie's website, we looked at the the cars, read the outtakes, read chapter 1 of Midnight Sun. We were major groupies!
And...we had to wait a year for book #4. How were we ever going to make it? We passed the time: we cheked the website for updates, watched the Twilight movies trailers over and over, and we introduced the book to as many people as we could. They enjoyed it, but not like Jac and I. We were the true devotees.
I finished way before Jac did, but we still called and text each other about the book. What we thought would happen, what we like, what was far-fetched. I even tried discussing it with Jac's friend Kate. She was the only other person who had read ahead of me! Jac loved it - her 2 vampire buddies, bonding without her!
I am so sad that the Twilight series is over, but I plan to re-read all 4 books asap. Yesterday, Jac and I had a long converstion (full of laughter) about what we loved. The best part about the series was having someone to enjoy it with.

No matter what happens, Jac and I always have Twilight!


Becca said...

I LOVE this series! I had to buy two copies of Breaking Dawn so that Natalie wouldn't bug me the whole time! The only reason I finished before she did, is because I MADE her go to sleep..hehe

Jacalyn said...

Yeah!! You blogged about Twilight! I love that you copied my post... except 1 thing, I photoshoped out my double chin & you left it in. Thanks, love.

I can't wait to start re-reading the books. I am totally enfatuated with Edward (again) and I love that you are too!! This is 1 major reason we are BGFs!!

Sarah's Place said...

Hey Kim! I agree with you, I never thought I would be so enthralled with these books as I am! They are really fun!

Jennifer said...

I've heard they're great, but I also heard the last one sucked. So now my thoughts of maybe reading them have begun to lean farther toward maybe not. I hate a crappy ending.

The Magonigal Family said...

I looovvveeed these books. I so neglected my children to read them. I read the first three within 2 weeks and had to wait a year for the last and finished that in 2 days. It is terrible to be so obessed with fictional characters!! It makes me feel pathetic but she is a great story teller. Never thought I would want to be a vampire-ha ha ha!

Hoover Family said...

loved these books! Can't believe it but I did! They were great. Never thought I would have a crush on a vampire..