Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Super Saturday

Saturday was such a busy day for us. We started out the morning with our Stake Primary Activity. The kids had a great time going to different ward booths that represented different countries. They made crafts or played a game at each. Annette and I were in charge of our ward booth. Our country was USA and Kelly gave us a "Hot Potato" water balloon game to use. When we went to Kelly's house on Friday afternoon, she showed us how to use the game and made sure everything worked. Then of course Saturday morning, it wouldn't work! We turned our booth into a "throw the water balloon in the plastic laundry basket and make it break" game! Oh well, we had the cutest sign!!!Saturday afternoon we were invited to attend the temple sealing of our good friends, Scott and Cristie Carter. I was afraid we were going to be late, but luckily, we showed up with 10 minutes to spare!! The sealing was beautiful and it was such a pleasure to be invited to attend. After, we were invited to a fabulous barbecue at their home with our girls. We had such a great time sitting around and enjoying the beautiful weather. Ryan had the most fun being with the "big girls". They gave her the biggest piece of cake and Emily and Ashlyn took her swimming in the lake and then swimming in the hottub. Peyton spent her time stealing everyone's drinks. At one point, the bishop let her take over his sparkling cider. She even stole Cristie's cherry coke. Later in the evening, the missionaries came over so that Elder Wilde could burn his suit as part of the going home ritual. So the girls were pretty entertained by that. It was so hard to leave, the girls were having so much fun, but they were SO dirty!
Thanks Scott and Cristie for including us in your special day!

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