Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SB, Part 3

The funny thing about my sister and her kids coming to visit is that Slade and Peyton are only 7 weeks apart. Wow, what it would be like to have twins. They were so cute and fun together, but also TROUBLE! I never realized what an instigator Peyton is, but man, I don't look forward to her being a teenager! One day they were eating cereal and this is the next thing we saw!We would find them on top of the counters and hiding behind the glider slathering each other in Aquafor. Seriously, they were LOVING spending time together!!!We headed downtown again to get some fish and chips. Lexi loves Salmon and Ryan loves fish (at least deep fried). We were rained on most of the day, but we had fun wandering around. We went to Sephora and had fun doing crazy makeup. The girls went for ANYTHING sparkly, gee I wonder where they got that from!!
Time flew by quickly, but we had a blast spending it together! We love you all, come back again soon!!!! (How's next Saturday?)

Spring Break, Part 2

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day and since we love blogging, my sister found tons of cute ideas about crazy leprechauns coming to visit and we were fortunate enough that they came to our house this year. At first Slade wasn't too sure about everything.
Unfortunately, when the crazy leprechauns leave chocolate and candy all over, babies like to get into them when they're not supposed to!!!We all got dressed in our green and after dance class, we headed up to Snoqualmie Falls. It was BEAUTIFUL. I can't believe this place is 25 minutes away and we've never been there!!! Fortunately someone else was braving the weather so we were able to get a picture of all of us together.

Unfortunately at this point, it was time for Grandma to go home. We had so much fun together with all us girls (and Slade).
Thanks for coming Mom!

Spring Break

Apparently we are starting a FABULOUS tradition of my niece, Lexi, coming to visit us during Spring Break. My Mom brought her up a couple of weeks ago and spent a week with us and my Aunt Julie came over from Texas as well. My sister and nephew, Slade, came a few days later to stay for a week also.
Julie turned the big 50 the day after arriving, so we did our best at celebrating. We had a yummy breakfast of German pancakes (Thanks Sarah!). We then headed off to Bellevue so Julie could go to Impress, a stamp store a friend of hers had told her about (she's way into stamping/scrapbooking). We then headed over to Whole Foods where we got a cute raspberry/lemon cake. We came home and made veggie and chicken enchiladas because Julie said she wanted anything Mexican! It wasn't too exciting, but we did our best!
The next day we headed downtown and wandered Pike's Market and Nordstrom. Ryan was even brave enough to stand next to the octopus at one of the fish stalls! When we got home that afternoon, the girls wanted to paint their nails and Peyton wanted hers done too, so she hopped up on my Mom's lap and grandma painted them for her!!Unfortunately Julie had to go home on Monday, but only after she taught me how to use my new Cricut machine. She had brought along about 18 cartridges that my sister and I stayed up all night learning to use. We have almost finished 16 way cute banners. When they're done I'll show you!!

Happy Birthday Jake, 80's Style!

Our good friend Jake turned 30 last week and since his fabulous wife was due to have a baby at the same time, she put together a surprise party for him a couple of weeks early. Since Jake was born in '79, Sarah decided to do an 80s theme. Her brothers own a bounce place and the party was held there. Lots of people came dressed for the occasion, Troy and I included. It was a fun night and Jake was completely surprised!

"Purse"onal Enrichment

I put together my first Enrichment night on March 5th. The theme was "Celebrate Your 'Purse'onality"! I found this idea online and thought it was very ME, along with being a lot of fun!. I first made all these little purse invitations that ended up super cute and fairly easy.
Boni helped me by making SUPER cute little purses for my poster. They were so cute that I had Ryan begging for them for days!
I got cute polka dot fabric for the centers of the tables and a bunch of sisters graciously made WONDERFUL cakes to be our centerpieces.
When everyone arrived, we had them weigh in their purses and right down the weight. We had a very yummy dinner of Sweet Pork, Cilantro Lime Rice, Black Beans, and freshly cooked tortillas (thanks a TON ton Shannon for her help in cooking).
After dinner, everyone filled out their BINGO "Purse" cards and I shared a talk from President Faust using words from the talk to play bingo. After that, we played the What's in your Purse game and I walked around with about 35 word strips of random things you might find in your purse. As strange as some things might be, there was only one thing no one had, a pair of socks (Morgan had, until she put them on to come with her mom to Enrichment)! After the game, our Relief Society President, Lily, gave a wonderful little talk about how our different "Purse"onalities make up our Relief Society.
After Lily's talk, we pulled all the cakes from the individual tables and cut them up so people could have a variety. There were so many great ones to choose from!
This was a fun night full of great food and lots of laughter. I wanted it to be focused on spending time together as sisters and enjoying the different personalities we each have. I think it was a success!