Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SB, Part 3

The funny thing about my sister and her kids coming to visit is that Slade and Peyton are only 7 weeks apart. Wow, what it would be like to have twins. They were so cute and fun together, but also TROUBLE! I never realized what an instigator Peyton is, but man, I don't look forward to her being a teenager! One day they were eating cereal and this is the next thing we saw!We would find them on top of the counters and hiding behind the glider slathering each other in Aquafor. Seriously, they were LOVING spending time together!!!We headed downtown again to get some fish and chips. Lexi loves Salmon and Ryan loves fish (at least deep fried). We were rained on most of the day, but we had fun wandering around. We went to Sephora and had fun doing crazy makeup. The girls went for ANYTHING sparkly, gee I wonder where they got that from!!
Time flew by quickly, but we had a blast spending it together! We love you all, come back again soon!!!! (How's next Saturday?)


The Carpentiers said...

Boy did we have fun (when i wasn't working!) We miss you tons already! Saturday would be great for another visit!:)

Jennifer said...

Sheesh woman! I don't read your blog for like a day and you completely overload me! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun. When your life dulls down you should come to Puyallup. Oh, and my friend in my ward was also at that 30th birthday party. Small world.