Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Peer Pressure

As Sally's post says, I've finally given in to the peer pressure and created a blog! More than anything I guess I'll blog so people can finally see pictures of my beautiful girls since I'm so horrible at sending or emailing pictures. I hope to have a type of journal that will help me remember things since my memory is shot. I've named my blog Sparkle in Seattle because I'm repeatedly telling my sister that Seattle is just not a sparkle city. We do have hopes of changing that though!


Ashlee said...

KIM! you're girls are GORGEOUS! looks like Peyton is a good sport, too! beautiful pumpkin patch. you all look great. looking forward to more post!

Marissa said...

Ryan is getting so big. I was looking at some wedding pictures last night and she was the same size as Peyton then. I hope all is well. I need your address so I can send you a card. Love ya.

Janelle said...

Bwah-hah! I found you, too!

I'm a blog-aholic, so I'll look forward to reading more, and seeing more cute pics!

Jacalyn said...

LOVE, LOVE the pics!! I remember the first family photos in the pumpkin patch, and you're only missing 1 thing... ME!! BTW - I still found corn in my jacket pocket this last fall. Tell Troy I'm going to beat him!