Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Princess Dressed for a Tea!

We had Ryan's birthday party yesterday. She wanted to have a Princess Tea Party.

Here's the front and back of the invite.

All of her little friends came dressed in their princess best!

We had a yummy lunch of PB&J, Fairy Fruit Wands, and Goldfish crackers.

All the girls decorated a little jewelry box and we played "Pin the Crown on the Princess"!

I think all the girls had a great time and Ryan got such wonderful gifts from all her sweet friends! It was a lot of work, but seeing how much fun Ryan had made it all worth it!!!


Marilyn said...

Turned out soooo cute Kim!

Sarah J. said...

Super fun party! Glad we were all able to enjoy Ryan's big "5th!"

Jacalyn said...

Cookies and parties, you ARE the best mom ever!! It looks sooo good. It's perfect and completely Jac-approved! Wish I could've been there to... wait, you would've made me help, so I'm glad to just see it online! :)

Josh's comment, "Kim, calm down. WAY too much pink!"

LOL!!! He thinks the dining room paint job looks awesome!

Becca said...

That is the coolest looking party! You are so nice! Looks like they had so much fun!

Jennifer said...

Super fancy lady! I love it all!

Em said...

Soo cute! Love the theme.