Thursday, April 15, 2010

My new toy!

Troy very graciously let me buy this so I am back to the land of the living computers!!!! (as soon as I figure out how to use it!!)

Oh, and PS, for those who haven't heard, we're expecting baby girl #3 in September.


Marissa and Allen Muir said...

Sarah has a mac and I find it so hard to use. Are you naming baby girl 3 after me :)

The Mullenaux Family said...

AHHH!!! That is so exciting Kim. We are very excited for you. And another adorable girl to add to your adorable family. When are you coming for a visit to AZ?
Would love to see you

The Magonigal Family said...

Congrats on another girl!!! Our girls will be 2 months apart! You guys need to come visit us in Huntsville- we are moving there in 2 weeks!!!

Kristyn said...

Congrats Kim! You will love having three little girls! Can't wait to see pics, hope you are doing well!