Friday, January 28, 2011

Sophie's Blessing

While we were in Arizona for Christmas, we had the opportunity for Troy to give Sophie a name and a blessing. This was such a sweet experience because were were able to have so many loved ones with us. Three of my siblings and their families were there, Troy's sister, Mary and her family, my parents, Troy's parents and our good friends J and Shannon who happened to be in town from Vegas. For both Ryan and Peyton we were only able to have both sets of parents and a few close friends, so this was a new experience!
Our family of 5! And this was on December 26th (not really missing Seattle)!

Even though Sophie was a little older than Ryan and Peyton were at their blessings, she was still able to wear the same dress, that was my niece's dress. It is so sweet that my sister and I were able to have our blessed in the same dress!
Such wonderful men who are great examples to our girls!

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