Monday, May 2, 2011

Disneyland on a Monday Afternoon

One of the benefits of Ryan going to school here in Southern California this year has been that she gets out of school each Monday at 1:15. We have been able a few times to leave right after school to spend a few hours at Disneyland. It only takes us 45 minutes to get there and usually the crowds are pretty light. We spend a few hours wandering around and riding rides, then it's time to head home (because a certain 6, almost 7, year old has school tomorrow!)
Today was one of those Mondays! I was extremely tired from the weekend, but since I had promised them we could go, I loaded things up and away we went. I even took my camera this time! We had such a nice day. It was WARM out, but that just made rides like Pirates of the Caribbean even better!! I never thought the day would come that I would go to Disneyland by myself with 3 little girls and not think it was a big deal. I definitely have my system down and each time it gets easier!

My girls love the tea cups! Sophie wanted to turn that wheel SO bad, she just couldn't figure out how to reach far enough without falling over!!
My girls favorite ride is Storybook Land. I let Ryan take a few pictures here.

Do all kids love carousels? My girls LOVE going on carousels. I even sit on a horse with Sophie and she is happy as can be to hold on to that pole!

We went to the petting zoo this time. Sophie hung out in the stroller!
Peyton made sure to give equal petting time to each goat!
I know most of this is boring to everyone but my Mom, but I'm trying to be better about taking pictures of my kids. I'm HORRIBLE at it and someday my kids are going to wonder why there are no pictures!


Sarah J. said...

So fun! I'm VERY impressed you do this all by yourself, but on the other hand, we've both had to learn how to do A LOT by ourselves, haven't we?! Disneyland is no different. Now, if only I could find my way down there so we could BOTH do it together with SIX girls!!! Yikes!

Barry said...

You're right. It will NEVER be boring to me. I just wish I could go with you on those Mondays but we've had great fun when we could.

Barry said...

Dad gets the credit but you know it was me.

Jacalyn said...

Everyone but your mom and ME! I love seeing my self-appointed God children.

Sue said...

I just told Andrew about your Disney excursion. We're happy you and your girls have settled in to your new place so well.

p.s. The link on your page to Short Fat Mormon Chick is broken. Thought you'd like to know ;-)