Monday, May 12, 2008

The Big 4!

Ryan celebrated her 4th birthday last Tuesday (5/6). She has been looking forward to her birthday since the day after Christmas. She was so lucky that Grandma Kathryn was able to come visit. We had so much fun going to the market to buy fish and eat our way through downtown. We didn't do much else because Ryan ended up getting sick the day before her birthday. The girls had so much fun with grandma sitting on the floor and playing with them. I guess I need to do that more! We went to birthday breakfast at a great little bakery in downtown Kent. Then we spent the afternoon making cupcakes. We made pizza on the grill for dinner (even though Ryan HATES pizza) and then we had cake from Coldstone (she didn't like that either)! Wednesday Ryan had a little party at the Federal Way Community Center Leisure Pool. We had so much fun playing in the water and then had (more) pizza and cupcakes. She loved all her presents and definitely wasn't shy about asking for them. She would open a present and then say, "I've always wanted this". After a couple of times, I started asking if she wanted "this" more than "that" and her reply was "I've always wanted EVERYTHING!" That's for sure! Grandma had to go home to Arizona on Thursday but we sure had a wonderful time while she was here and look forward to her visiting again soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!

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