Friday, May 23, 2008


Today was the last day of bootcamp. It has been a miserable, extremely difficult, painful experience that I LOVED every minute of. I highly recommend it to anyone. I was the only person who didn't miss a single day out of the twenty mornings we met. I can happily say that I improved my mile run time by 1:14. I have never been able (EVER) to run a lap around the track. Today I did a lap and a half before I had to walk for a couple of minutes. I also improved my pushups from 34 to 39. Yea for me!!! The scale hasn't moved much, but my clothes are fitting better and I'm able to wear things I haven't been able to since before I was pregnant with Peyton. I am going tomorrow morning to be re-weighed and measured. I'm sure I'll see an improvement in inches, but I wish I could see more of an improvement on the scale. I know, muscle weighs more than fat, but still. I also know if I wouldn't eat the junk I'd be better off. I'm back to writing everything down that I eat in hopes of eating less, at least it worked yesterday! Last night I went to coldstone with some friends and I had the lemon sorbet with raspberries. I really wanted the cheesecake with raspberries and brownies, but I guess I have to sacrifice somewhere! Anyways, I'll repost tomorrow when I know the measurements. The next camp starts on June 9th for anyone who wants to join me. I'll happily pick you up!!!

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Jennifer said...

You're AWESOME! I wish I could have a tenth of the drive you have to exercise. I just need to start, but sadly I won't be coming to Kent at 5 in the a.m. I just need to do something. And congrats on all the improvements. You rock!