Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chill on the Hill

On Monday the 9th, we went up skiing for Boeing's night on the slopes. My good friend Shannon watched Peyton and we took Ryan with us. We were joined by the Carter's and had so much fun! We got up there and rented Ryan's ski's and stuck her in a class for an hour and a half. We then went and cruised around for a while. When it was time, we picked Ryan up and then spent some time on the "Magic Carpet" with her. Troy was fed up with the crowds and since Ryan was ready for something a little more challenging, he took her up on the chair lift to a little hill. They both then proceeded to scream, cry, and beat their way down the mountain.

Ryan was doing such a great job, but then she'd go too fast and crash. Troy would then yell at her to get back up and the scene would play over and over again down the mountain! We then went back to the "magic carpet" area for a little more time so Ryan could leave with a good experience. All in all it was a fun way to spend family night, and you couldn't beat the price.

Here's the picture of what her face looked like the next day!


Becca said...

SO cute! Although I hate the snow, that sure looks fun!

Jacalyn said...

She is so cute! Glad ya'll had fun. Glad Troy & Wig didn't kill each other!

Jennifer said...

So fun! Ryan is so beautiful!