Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springtime with Jac

It's been 6 months and Jac has been promising Ryan she'd come visit for her birthday, so Jac and Momma Marilyn came to enjoy the beautiful wet, gloom of Seattle.

1st stop, lunch at Anthony's on the pier where we all enjoyed yummy clam chowder and fish.

2nd stop, paying homage to the big Anthropology. We love it! Wig found this cool pop-up book on fairies. It was so cute, I decided to indulge Ryan, both she and Marilyn ended up taking one home.

We tried on silly headbands...

...and Wig tried on 'Carrie Bradshaw' shoes at our 3rd stop - Nordstrom! We always pay homage to the flagship store. What can I say, we're creatures of habit... and we love great shopping!

On to Pikes, but not before stopping at the Chocolate box to get gelato and chocolates. The tulips were in bloom at Pikes and we were in heaven. They were so beautiful!!!

Jac and I with the babies shopping for the perfect flowers.

Wig was pretty good being dragged through the streets. She was happy and silly and only a little whiny, but what's new!

Grandma Marilyn couldn't leave without taking a bouquet with her and Wig insisted on carrying them. Too funny, they weighed almost as much as she does.

We tasted dipping oil for bread and marinades. I figured this was the perfect time to get something to make for Sunday dinner!

We visited the fish markets where this crazy guy tried to get Jac to hold a dead salmon. She wasn't going for it!
Ryan can't leave without her picture on the pig, so we made Jac get on with her! Oh, the good old days of riding a pig!!!!

Marilyn loves cheese shops, so we stopped in there too. And then we went a couple doors down to get mini cheesecakes! Seriously, we always seem to EAT our way through Seattle. I TRIED to be good.

The next day Marilyn very graciously planted my hanging baskets and in turn I helped her make her enrichment "purse"onality invitations. It was a fair trade!!

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Marilyn said...

I caught the pig comment!!! You have some beautiful pictures. What a fun trip, Thanks again!