Thursday, April 30, 2009


While Jac and Marilyn were here we headed up north to the tulip festival. It was AMAZING! All the tulips were in full bloom and it was almost a nice day.

Jac always says I'm the photogenic one, but I think this pic of her is so PRETTY!!
She's totally going to be America's Next Top Model!

I think the first time Peyton smiled this day was when Troy found her a tulip off the ground!

They had these great face painters at Tulip Town so I indulged and let Ryan have a peacock. Peyton was so mad after Ryan got painted on because she wanted it too. She kept pointing at Ryan's head and then her own and crying!!

We headed over to the Kawanis Salmon BBQ for lunch! Totally random thing to do, it was like a ward party.

Peyton sure enjoyed MY ice cram bar!

Oddly enough, Ryan's cup had No-No written on it, no idea why!!

And just in case anyone needs some love, here's a kiss from me to you!!!


Jacalyn said...

Honey, we had such a good time. Thanks for all the hospitality! I love having you as my BEST GOOD FRIEND!!! & I'm loving your new camera!

The Magonigal Family said...

O My Gosh- those flowers are gorgeous! We went to a Tulip Festival in Holland but I think those are even prettier!!! Looks like fun!!! We miss you guys!!!

Becca said...

Oh my gosh! That is AWESOME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tulips! Those pics are amazing!