Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Friend

This is my beautiful friend Ida. Today she has lost her battle with cancer. Ida and I became friends shortly after I moved to the Seattle area. We were called to be on a committee together at church and because of this, we got to know each other. I have never been so greatful for a church calling.
When Ryan started attending Sunbeams (the youngest Sunday School class), Ida was her teacher. I know she made an impact on Ryan that has helped to develop her knowledge of the gospel. Ryan has known that Ida has been sick and yesterday she asked when Ida would be well enough to come home from the hospital. I told her that unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen. She asked if Ida had to go live in Heaven now and I said yes. My poor five year old started to cry. A minute later she asked when we would see her again. Me, being in a rush and not thinking in an eternal sense, I said we wouldn't. Her quick response was, Mom, what about the resurrection? I know it is truly from the examples of primary teachers, like Ida, that my daughter has a knowledge that we will all be ressurected after we pass from this life.
Ida was an amazing example to me. While serving on the activities committee together, Ida helped with EVERYTHING. No matter what she was asked to do, she did it without question. She was quick with new ideas and ways to make things better. She truly went above and beyond. Ida had a beautiful knowledge of the gospel and was strong and determined in her beliefs and standards. Earlier this year Ida was called to be an adult Sunday School teacher. I truly enjoyed attending her classes and learning from her as Ryan did.
A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to sit and chat with Ida during an afternoon. We talked about so many things. I will treasure that ninety minutes that we spent together. There are so many things I will miss about Ida. I will miss the silly faces we gave each other, the many laughs we shared, the long conversations had after meetings. However, I know that she is truly in a better place. I hope to have learned from her and find a way to treasure my friendships even more. Life changes so quickly and people move in and out of our lives so often, but my spirit has been truly touched through my friendship with Ida.


lookinsharp said...

Ida was such a kind person. She served in Primary while going through chemo(?) and when we asked if she wanted to be released she said she didn't. She just wanted to let us know that she needed to miss a few weeks. I was impressed with her positive outlook and the fact that I never heard her complain. She was an example to us all.
She will be missed. Hugs to Ryan (and you too) as you both deal with the loss Ida.

mom said...

It's strange how this has touched me so. I too feel that this is such a great loss to all of you that have known her. I knew her mostly through you and your comments about her. She always sought me out when I was there with you and I appreciated it. Please give my concerns to her sister and to Matt. My thoughts are with you all. It is so rewarding to know that you have a testimony and you have the example of a five year old. I love you all the most!

Jennifer said...

Perfectly put! I love Ida! I still can't believe it.

Thank you for this.

Ray and Jan said...

I'm so sorry, Kim for the loss of your sweet friend. There are people who make such a tremendous impact on our lives - aren't they wonderful? And the impact that Ida made on you will carry on through the rest of your life. God bless and comfort all of you during this difficult time. Love to you all. Love, Jan