Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Portland Wedding

We journeyed down to Portland yesterday to attend the wedding of one of Troy's co-workers, Phil and his bride, Tianna. The wedding was at 3:30pm and we were set to arrive in the Portland area around 2:15. At about 1:45, I decided I should probably start getting my makeup on. Unfortunately, I then discovered I had left my makeup on the bathroom counter back at home. I quickly got on my phone and started calling the Nordstrom's along our path to see if I could get an appointment to get my makeup done. I finally got an appointment at 2:30 at Washington Square in Portland. Since I was going to be tied up getting my makeup done, Troy was in charge of rushing to Macy's for a gift (I figured I'd have a half hour to get this done until I realized I would now be spending that half hour being made presentable!). Troy wasn't thrilled with this idea, so I got on the phone to Macy's at Washington Square. The girl who answered was extremely helpful. She pulled up the registry, picked out a gift in my price range, let me pay over the phone, and had it gift wrapped. All Troy had to do was go to gift wrap and pick it up. Seriously, what did people do before cell phones and GPS? After my makeup was done and the gift was secured, Troy brought all of our clothes in to Nordstrom and we tied up the family restroom to change. We then quickly booked it out of the mall. Too bad we didn't have more time, it looked like a really nice mall!!!Unfortunately we were running late now. The wedding was set to start at 3:30 and we arrived at 3:50. Lucky for us, as most weddings they didn't start the ceremony until about 4:00 so we were just in time. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, unfortunately, we were sitting out in the sun with no shade and it was over 90 degrees. Not terrible, but for everyone dressed in suits and wedding attire, we were melting. The ceremony was overlooking the vineyard. Everything was beautiful, the flowers, dresses and especially the surroundings. The wedding was at Garden Vineyards and it is amazing. After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour with some appetizers. Everyone ran for the shade and drinks to stay cool. We later had dinner, which was very yummy, some toasts and speaches by family, and finally cake. Most of you know I only eat sugar on Sunday, that rule was broken yesterday. They had four kinds of wedding cake and I LOVE cake. Between Troy and I, we tried them all!!! There was dancing, which was the favorite part of the night for Ryan and Peyton. Peyton would dance for a while and then come back because she was thirsty. Then she'd put her finger up and say, "Mommy I dance", and off she'd go again. This went on all night! Ryan made a little "boyfriend" named Cameron and the two of them danced all night as well. It was a beautiful night and we were glad we were able to make the trip down.
Since it was late, we grabbed a hotel nearby and crashed. In the morning, we headed out, but stopped downtown Portland at Voodoo Donuts for some CRAZY donuts. I don't love donuts, but these were DELICIOUS! Peyton had a donut with sprinkles. Ryan had something like cotton candy with blue frosting, blue sprinkles, and pink sprinkles. I had a donut with chocolate icing, oreos, and peanut butter. Troy's was a heart attack waiting to happen peach fritter with the biggest pile of cream cheese frosting. Seriously, they were all so good I was wishing I'd had another.It was a quick trip but a lot of fun! Hopefully we can go back to Portland and spend a little time sometime soon.

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