Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Dance Recital - Part 1

Tonight, Ryan had Show 1 for her Christmas dance recital.
It went great and she was so CUTE!!
It went great and she was so CUTE!!
She had a great time and did not stop talking about the show the whole way home. She kept telling everyone we passed she was in a dance recital (good explanation for all the makeup)! She can't wait to go back again tomorrow for her jazz number with the Grinch!

P.S. I'll apologize now for the video, I was taking video and pictures at the same time all by myself!!! It's mostly for my mom though!!!


mom said...

Thanks!!!!!!! I hate missing all the fun. Looks like her smile didn't disappear. Tell her that her straight arms were the best.

Jacalyn Roundy said...

Hey! I resent that the video was mostly for your mom! What about me?! I loved it!! She is so freaking cute and I wish I could've been there... esp for all the talk on the way home :)