Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Story of My Cruise Through Pictures!

My good friend Kristen won a cruise on the radio. Unfortunately for her husband, but fortunately for me, he couldn't go with her. I happily accepted her invitation and we set of on quite the adventure. We were on Royal Carribean's brand new ship, Oasis of the Seas. This is the world's largest cruise ship and it did not dissapoint!!!
I REALLY wish I'd gotten a picture of this ship next to a regular cruise ship, but I never had the vantage point.
Deck 8 was "Central Park". This had tons of live plants, beautiful seating, a Coach store, specialty restaurants (you had to pay $75/person extra in one!), an art gallery, and strolling musicians!
On the back of the boat were two extremely tall rock climbing walls and an outdoor amphitheater overlooking a diving pool where they put on a show.
On the front of the boat was an adult lounge, pool, "healthy" restaurant area. These chairs were so comfy and after a red eye flight getting there, it didn't take long for this to happen!!!
There was a "floating" bar that went up and down from deck 5 to deck 8.
A cupcake store on board! What's not to love? I LOVE cupcakes!!!
The contest Kristen won included VIP passes to a concert with Rihanna onboard the first night. We were able to sit in the second row center. I didn't know much about Rihanna, but she put on a fabulous concert!!!
Unfortunately it was only 20 minutes long!!!
Friday morning Good Morning America was filming and they asked all the guests on board to hang out in different areas. Unfortunately it was REALLY early in the morning, but we got to see a BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!
Sam Champion and Melissa Rycroft from GMA.
Apparently "real men" wear rhinestones!!
The full size carousel on the Boardwalk (deck 6)!
We got a private ride since no one else was out!!!
The second night we went to a concert by "Mosaic". These guys sing everything acapela. There was NO music accompanying them but they are able to make their voices sound like EVERYTHING. AMAZING!!
Kristen LOVES Coach!
A Johnny Rockets on board as well!
They were doing face painting on Saturday and Kristen and I convinced this man to do Spiderman on his face!!!
Our "artist" beautified us, Kristen as a cat and me with my "fairy" paint!!
They do some crazy silly parade through the main area of the boat!
We went to an ice skating show that was based on the stories of Hans Christian Anderson. The story of Thumbelina was all drawn by this artist in sand. Very cool.
We met a few of the other radio contest winners. These are our friends David and Jasmyn. We went to a comedy show that was VERY entertaining! Jasmyn also won Modern Bride of the year and is on the cover of their magazine. It's been a good year for her!!! And they live in Phoenix!
Saturday night they had an Elton John impersonator. Very entertaining concert, I'm just not a GREAT fan of Elton John!!
Our new friend Tony, another winner from the Seattle area!
Late Saturday night they had a 70s disco party, complete with the "Village People"!
Seriously a FABULOUS adventure!!!


Sue said...

So jealous!!!!!

Kristen said...

This really was the most AMAZING trip!!!! A chance of a lifetime....I am glad that you came with me! The pictures turned out GREAT... Memories to last forever! Love you!