Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Key West

When we lived in Maryland, we had great friends in our ward. This spring one of those friends invited Jac and I to Key West. How could we say no??? My brother and sister-in-law very generously offered to watch the girls while I was gone. The girls and I flew down to Sacramento where I did a quick drop off of the girls and then hopped on another plane to begin my adventure. I flew from Seattle to Sacramento to Dallas to Miami where I met up with Jac at 1:30am. We stayed the night in Miami and after a fabulous brunch at Icebox Cafe (home of the famous Bomb cake featured on Oprah) we took the drive down to Key West. We met up with Jan and Jodi and had a fabulous relaxing week. Other than hanging at the pool and eating, we didn't do much. Unfortunately I developed a blood clot and so the relaxing part was doctors orders anyways! I spent a day going from urgent care to getting an ultrasound on
my leg to talking on the phone to doctors all day. It was LOTS of fun! Luckily I was going to be able to fly home. We walked Duvall street went to the Hemingway House, but other than that, LOTS of pool time!
Jodi left and Jan's husband, Ray, arrived at the end of the week. We had a great night out on our last night at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean.
Jac and I started our journey home driving the three hours from Key West to Miami. Once we got to Miami, we headed back to Icebox Cafe for lunch/dinner before heading to the airport. After arriving at the airport Jac easily got checked in, but when I tried (and our first connection was together) the computers wouldn't let me check in. It turns out the delay of our first connection had me missing my second connection to Sacramento. After rearranging flights over and over again, I finally got on a plane from Miami to Minneapolis to Salt Lake City, staying overnight (thanks Jac!) and then finally arriving in Sacramento the next morning, the 4th of July. My brother picked me up and after church we had a great time setting of fireworks in the street. After another relaxing day, the girls and I finally headed home. And that was the end of my travels for the summer thanks to the blood clot!!

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Jacalyn said...

Could I be any freaking fatter?! Since Key West, I've lost about 15lbs, thank goodness. Too bad these fat photies will haunt me forever! Such a fun trip though, loved it! My first time with Kimmy sans family, it only took 7 years!