Saturday, February 9, 2008

No More Thumb Sucker!

Ryan is a thumb sucker! Fortunately for me, I somehow managed to work it so that she only sucked her thumb when she had her special blanket. This blanket was given to her by my sister when she was born. It was the most beautiful Little Giraffe blanket. It was a kind of laser-cut velvet, flower print on one side and super soft satin on the other. Ryan has loved this blanket so much that the velvet side eventually got shredded and then completely cut off and the satin side has undergone numerous attempts at mending the holes by both Grandma Kathryn and Grandma Marilyn. Ryan was only allowed to have her blanket at nap or bed time to reduce the time that her thumb was in her mouth.
Last week Ryan got to go to the dentist for her twice a year cleaning. After all the work she had done last summer, I swore that when we went to the dentist again, the blanket would have to go. After her exam, they told me she has both an overbite and an openbite. I asked what an openbite was and was told that it was a result of thumb sucking. I don't know what the dental assistant said to Ryan because I was taking care of the billing, but we came home and the blanket was put in her toy bin and she hasn't slept with it since.
It was the last "baby" thing she did and so I guess my little girl is growing up faster and faster. Oh well, it's best for her teeth!

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