Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ryan's 1st Primary Talk

There is nothing better in the week than going to Primary for Ryan. She LOVES Primary! Every day she asks what day it is. She looks forward to Friday because Daddy doesn't have to (usually) work on Saturday. Then on Saturday she's excited because tomorrow is Sunday and "Guess what, Mommy, I'm going to Primary tomorrow." (For those who don't know, Primary is what we call the children's Sunday School.) When Ryan started going to Primary the first Sunday in January, she was very upset because she didn't get to go up to the microphone. So ever since last week, when she was assigned to give a short 2 minute talk, she has been excited to go up to the microphone! I'm going to try to attach the video I took with my camera. For anyone who cares to watch, she's giving the story of Noah. It's not very exciting, but I felt I should probably share it!


Jennifer said...

Ryan is so freaking cute! Most Sunbeams won't even talk at all into the microphone. She did GREAT!

P.S. Who was that naughty little boy walking around at the end? He must have an awesome mother.

Janelle said...

Way to go, Ryan! and way to go Kim for posting so much! You win!