Monday, June 16, 2008

My Grandma Wade

On the last day of our wonderful trip to Disneyland, May 31st, I received a call from my mom letting me know that my Dad's mother had passed away. I was briefly sad, but also so happy for her that she could move on with her "life"! My grandfather passed away on June 8, 1994 and since then my grandmother has been very lonely. She was a wonderful grandmother and we shared many wonderful moments together.
So upon returning from Disneyland, our neighbors generously gave us three buddy passes on Alaska Airlines so that we could travel to Arizona to be with my family. The girls and I left on Wednesday, June 4th, and Troy came up to meet us Thursday evening. It was sad mourning the loss of our grandmother, but at the same time we had such a great time. My sister and two of my brothers live in Arizona, but my oldest brother lives in Northern California, so we all get together very rarely. Also, on my Dad's side, I have two cousins, Marissa and Sarah. We don't get to see each other very often either. It was fun to spend time together laughing and remembering the times we had. We sat around just calling out memories: water-skiing, dinner at LJ's pizza (just imagine eating cardboard), the sleepovers, playing in the irrigation (gross!), bags and bags of grapefruits and pudding pops!
Grandma Wade will be missed, but the memories will live on!

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Jennifer said...

That's so sad, but I completely understand the happiness of it and I'm sure it was a hoot getting together with so much family. And talk about nice neighbors! That's ridiculous!