Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Day at the Lake

We were invited to spend the afternoon at the lake with our good friends Scott and Cristie Carter and their super sweet girls. We had SO much fun! You couldn't have asked for better weather. It's been HOT here the last few days and it's been great. I know, hot being relative to Arizona where all my family is, but at least they have AC in their houses!! There wasn't a cloud in the sky so we had a great view of Mount Rainier. We spent the afternoon on their boat and we all took turns out on their massive 3-man tube. Ryan asked to go first and she LOVED it. Scott was very timid driving her at first, but everyone got more and more daring as she was having the best time.
She loved the bumps, loved riding with Ashlyn Carter and her friend Ellen. She kept asking to go faster. This coming from the girl who was scared of EVERY ride at Disneyland. Peyton fell asleep during the first couple of minutes. She never once complained about her life jacket and she even took a dip in the lake.
We stopped in the middle for everyone to take a swim and Peyton happily joined Troy. Ryan also had a turn on the tube with mommy and daddy and then we got a ride without her so we could be whipped around a bit more! Being out there really made me miss all the fun we used to have with my family out at Canyon Lake in Arizona. YOU GUYS NEED TO TAKE THE BOAT OUT!


Jennifer said...

So FUN! I can't believe how daring Ryan was! Awesome!

Sarah J. said...

What a blast- now I want to get a boat! Dang. Anybody in?!? Nice picture... looks like Mt. Rainier was sitting right on top of ya.

Hoover Family said...

Hey Kim its Emily (Lamb) Hoover. I love coming across people blogging. It is such a good way to keep in touch. Your family is darling, it is good to hear what you are up to.

Ashlee said...

gorgeous! looks like a lot of fun.

love the shot of peyton!

Becca said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN! Your "hot" though must still be pretty nice! Your girls are just so cute!