Monday, June 16, 2008

Punk Princesses!

My good friend Sarah very generously took the girls and I to Seattle on Thursday to take some pictures. Sarah is a GREAT photographer and I've been begging her to take some pictures of my girls. A friend of hers had found a graffiti wall in Seattle so we decked the girls out and went in search. The pics turned out SO great and I've already had them printed off and I just need two more frames to get them hung up!

In addition to the pictures we had such a great time. The girls were well behaved (for 4 under 4!) We hit Krispy Kreme, had lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory and even enjoyed a walk around Pikes Market where we bought 3 HUGE bouquets of flowers. Ryan and Kennedy were each carrying a bouquet that was bigger than they were. It was a wonderful day!

Thanks a million Sarah, I owe you BIG time!!!


Becca said...

Your girls are soooo cute! Those pictures are awesome!

Amanda said...

Love the pictures! I just may have to copy you :)

Jennifer said...

AWESOME pictures!