Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

On the evening of July 3rd we went to the Emerald Downs Horse Track for fireworks. We found out about this last year from our friend Nicole. It is a great show and it's FREE! Even Peyton seemed to like the fireworks, she never even complained. Then, for 4th of July, we spent ALL day cleaning house. We then went to our neighbors, Will & Nicky's, for a barbeque. The kids had a great time drawing all over themselves with tattoo pens thanks to our neighbor Jenn's parents. (I don't recommend them. Even though they say they are washable, they're not.) We spent some time out on the street in front of the house shooting off some fireworks. Troy was apparently designated as the lighter! It's so weird to live somewhere where they're going off for a week before July 4th. There are stands set up everywhere to buy them and they go off all day and all night. Thank goodness we didn't have to deal with that growing up! We then went over to the elementary school behind us and watched the fireworks from Lake Meridian. The kids had a great time and it was nice to spend some more time with our neighbors.


Ashlee said...

sounds like you guys are doing great in Seattle.

can i just tell you how lucky i think you are that you got out of here? i'm so over it!

just call me lil miss sunshine!!

Becca said...

I could never get my kids to play in their cakes! Those are such cute pictures!