Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Yesterday was Peyton's first birthday. I can't believe my baby is now a year old, my how time flies. Peyton is a very happy, smiley baby. She loves to play with her big sister and now that she is standing and can push things around, she thinks she is such a big girl. She loves to crawl up the stairs and go play. We can usually find her in Ryan's room "reading" books or playing with her toys. She is VERY vocal, takes after her sister, and is constantly squealing. She HATES riding in anything where she is strapped in and I'm the bad mom that lets her ride around in the back of shopping carts, standing up! We walked into a store yesterday and because she was buckled in her stroller, she started SCREAMING so horribly that a store employee came around the corner to make sure everyone was okay. I'm beginning to wonder if people think I'm beating my child. All in all, we LOVE having Peyton in our family. She brings so many smiles to our lives, plus she's just so darned cute!
After our crazy weekend, we just had a mellow day together. The four of us went to dinner at Zephyr in Kent, Peyton didn't seem to care what she ate. They gave her a cupcake with a candle in it and a scoop of ice cream for dessert. As I reached for my phone to take a picture (since I'd forgotten my real camera), the brilliant child stuck her finger in the flame and after burning herself, it went out. Needless to say, she wasn't very thrilled by it and there were a LOT of tears! I felt bad, but sometimes, you wonder how they are ever going to learn! We then took Peyton to Target to get her a birthday present (how's that for planning)! We let her crawl around the toy aisles and she got fixated on Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Song and Story Learning Chair. Every time Troy would move it, she'd SCREAM at him. So that's what she came home with. Being the good parents we are, we brought it home and opened it and let her have five whole minutes to play (very generous considering we didn't get home until 10pm)!


Becca said...

Time does fly! I cannot believe she is a year old! I live in a bubble though! I expect everything and everyone to stay the same..hehe! She is a cutie!

Jennifer said...

I knew there was a reason we're friends. That Target story sounds so strangely familiar. I have done that more than once on a birthday. Peyton sure is a cutie-pie!

Sarah J. said...

Happy Birthday, Peyton!!!