Sunday, July 6, 2008

Peyton's Party

We had a birthday party for Peyton yesterday. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, July 7th. We decided to have a Patriotic Family Barbeque. Lucky me, it POURED ALL DAY! Seriously, all day. Poor Troy was outside pressure washing the deck in the puring rain. We potted some plants/flowers in the rain. It went on ALL DAY! Anyways, the barbeque was moved indoors and it was a good time. The party was set to begin at 5pm, so after stalling all day decorating, I finally threw up some decorations in the dining room and hung the balloons around the family room at 4:45pm. Peyton spent the whole time eating. She LOVES watermelon and was happy to sit in her chair and eat during the whole party. She loved the cake once she figured it out. I thought she would be sick last night after eating it all, but she was fine. We had a great time hanging out with our friends and celebrating our little Peyton.
After most people had left, our babysitter Melissa was playing with her and she took her first steps! It started out as a couple and she got more and more brave. Then as I had the dishwasher open and was loading up some dishes, she took about 10 steps to get to the dishwasher.
It was such a great day despite the weather. Thanks to all our wonderful friends who helped us celebrate this memorable time!


Ashlee said...

seriously? she's already one? looks like a fun party!

love that apple green on your walls.

Sarah J. said...

GREAT party!!!