Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hawaii - Part 2

Monday brought about a LAZY day at the pool. Peyton went down for an early nap and Ryan and I went down to the pool. She played at the pirate ship from probably 9am until 3:30pm. She made friends with a couple of little girls and they had fun running around and swimming all day. We went down to Lahaina and wandered through the shops and had some pizza. By the end of the nights, both girls were having complete meltdowns. Peyton slept so horribly that night that none of us got much sleep!
Tuesday was a day for napping. Peyton got up so early that she had to take a nap by 8am. After some cartoons we headed down to the pool and in less than an hour Ryan had her meltdown and we yanked her out and back to the room for a nap. Peyton and I spent some quality time together at the pirate ship. After a while, we headed back to the room for some lunch and Peyton's nap. Because both girls were sleeping, Troy and I decided to nap too! In the evening we took some pictures on the beach and had dinner at Hula Grill. Peyton screamed so much that a couple asked to be moved to a further table, a lady gave her a tin of mints to shake, and a couple offered to babysit for a day. Peyton even managed to attack herself with a red marker. Afterwards, the girls played on the grass and some Japanese tried to adopt Peyton. Wednesday was another lazy day at the pool. We were downstairs by 9am and hung out ALL day. When Ryan wasn't in the pool she was wearing her Giraffe print cover-up. She always kept the hood up and everyone that would pass her was cracking up! Later in the afternoon we wandered down the way to walk through the Hyatt. Peyton and Ryan loved the penguins and then sitting on some camel sculptures. We ordered some kabobs for dinner, and had a bbq. We finally came back up to our room at 8pm. We quickly bathed the girls and threw them in bed. Troy started out the day being completely bored and by the time we were sitting eating dinner, he was talking about what a fun day it was.Thursday started out slow. The girls and I took a walk to a nearby cafe to get some breakfast. We had REALLY good breakfast wraps and french toast. We were even nice enough to bring some back for Troy. We eventually made it down to the pool and hung out for a couple of hours. We got some tattoos and shaved ice. We then headed to Lahaina for some wandering. Monday night when we were on the bus there was a girl with a beautiful yellow hibiscus in her hair. It was so beautiful that I had to ask her if it was real. She said it wasn't, it was handmade from clay and she had gotten it from a little stand in some little shopping area. She said it was nearby Bubba Gumps, but that was all I had to go on. After an early dinner at Bubba Gumps, I headed out on the lookout. I finally found the little stand. The clips were GORGEOUS! Not covered in my usual bling, but something so pretty! I couldn't help myself that I had to buy two. After some chatting, we found out the couple who made the flowers was LDS. I was even more happy to be supporting a church family. The couple was so sweet that the man even threw in a plumeria clip. We slowly wandered our way back to Kaanapali and stopped in at Whaler's Village for some ice cream. Poor Peyton had been burning up all evening so we got her some gatorade and tylenol. Once we got back to our room and had her showered, she seemed to be feeling a little better and had perked up quite a bit.Friday morning Troy went off for a little scuba dive off the beach. The girls and I spent some time playing at the pool. When Troy returned, we headed upstairs for some lunch and Peyton's nap. Troy and Ryan went down to the beach to boogieboard. When Peyton woke up, we headed down to meet them. They were having so much fun and Ryan had a rash to match mine from surfing! After playing in the sand and water for a while, we headed up to "rinse off" in the pool! We played for so long that it was way past dinner time by the time we were ready to find some food. We finally headed over to a nearby Italian place, it was fine, but totally over-priced. After dinner we had a nice walk back to the resort and then everyone CRASHED!Saturday was our last day of fun. I took my turn diving while Troy and the girls played in the sand. It was kinda fun going off the beach because Ryan has never seen us dive. We always go off and get on a boat. This time she got to stand on the beach and wave to me as I was swimming off. The dive was nice. It was just me and the instructor and it was very relaxing. We saw a ton of fish and some beautiful coral. We saw a couple of eels and even an octopus. I've only seen octopus at the aquarium so it was cool to touch it and watch it ink. As soon as my head came up out of the water, Ryan was yelling hi to me and waving excitedly. After shedding all my dive equipment, we spent some more time playing on the beach. We then headed back up to the resort to get some lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging by the pool. There was a gorgeous sunset that night. For dinner we went to a local restaurant, Aloha Mixed Plate. They have all the typical Hawaiian luau foods without the prices! It was CHEAP and probably the best meal we had on the island! We had our kalua pig and lava flows! After dinner we wandered downtown enjoying our last moments of vacation (like the scary, big haired man)!Sunday was a LONG day. The flight was fine and Peyton was much better coming home than she was going, but still not very good! We got in about 25 minutes early and our good friend Jake came to pick us up. By the time we got home, everyone was exhausted and Ryan was complaining about her ear hurting. When we arrived at the house, we discovered we were LOCKED OUT! It was 10:30 at night and we couldn't get in our own home. Our keys were locked in our car. After knocking on my wonderful neighbors door at 11pm, they gave us a wire hanger and Jake was able to break into the Tahoe to get the keys. We were finally inside by almost midnight! Ryan was feeling miserable. The poor thing was running a fever and crying, she just wanted to go to bed. We threw both girls pjs on and threw them in bed.
Monday morning I made Ryan a doctor appointment to discover she had a really really bad outer ear infection. I guess that's what 14 days of playing in the water will do to you!
This was the BEST vacation. What more can you ask for, a wonder family, a loving husband, beautiful weather, a gorgeous resort, and 14 relaxing days! Thanks honey for providing this wonderful opportunity for us! I love you!


Becca said...

HOW FUN! I am glad you guys had such a good time!

Sarah J. said...

Oh, you're cute- all lovey, dovey. Sounds like a GREAT vaca.