Thursday, September 18, 2008

Preschool - At Last!

Ryan FINALLY had her first day of preschool. School actually started while we were in Hawaii and then she was going to have her first day on Monday. Unfortunately due to her ear infection, she got to go to the doctor instead. And now, school is canceled tomorrow, but at least she got one day in. I guess we're starting out slow!
Ryan seems to really like Ms. Camilla. Each week they are working on a new letter and this week it is A. When I got there to pick her up after school, she was still very busy working on her art project. She had colored a couple of astronauts and then cut them out and very carefully glued them on black paper. She was just finishing gluing when I arrived and still needed to put her stars on the paper. We did a few and then brought the rest home and finished them last night.
Ryan is so excited to learn and be a big girl going to school. I'm so excited for this new phase in her life and can't wait to see all the fun things she learns.


Becca said...

Shool! What a wonderful word! That word brings a smile to my face..hehe No really! The kids love school, and I am glad that she gets to start! I hope she has fuN!

Jacalyn said...

My bebe is all grown up! I'm so excited for her to start pre-school as long as she remembers who best girlfriend is.. ME!