Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh Canada!

(Ryan, Jackie and Angela)

In November of 2005 our little family of three set off for Halifax, Nova Scotia. Troy was on assignment there for what turned out to be 3 months of testing on the Apache Helicopter. While there we were "living" in the Residence Inn and became very close with the hotel staff. They were definitely our "home away from home"! They spoiled us rotten and took fabulous care of us. Every morning after breakfast Ryan would wander into the GM's (Frank) office to say good morning. We went to my first Canadian hockey game with Angela and Kelli. One of the girls who worked in housekeeping, Jackie, even babysat for us one night when the hospital sent us out on a date. It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. I have NEVER met such amazing people. More than anything, seeing how they all loved Ryan was the best.

This past week Angela, who is now the GM of the Residence Inn, came to Seattle for a training course. We were able to meet up on Sunday to hang out and have dinner and then we met up again last night. Luckily last night I remembered to charge my camera battery! It was so great to see Angela and have her meet Peyton. Peyton is almost the same age Ryan was when we were in Canada. Ryan was constantly walking next to Angela and holding her hand. She sat by her at dinner and Angela even taught her how to do word searches! Peyton took right to her, she would run up to Angela and hold up her arms and Angela would happily oblige by picking her up.
It's so nice that no matter how much time passes, we have built these friendships that will last! Thanks Angela for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spent time with us. Ryan was talking last night about how much she's going to miss you!

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