Monday, October 20, 2008

Lexi Kate Designs

My brilliant sister has finally got her website going! Everyone who knows me knows that Ryan ALWAYS has pretties in her hair. My sister is credited with making most of these. I have always laughed because she got her start selling her clips out of a little cardboard box to the mom's at her daughter's dance studio. I went with her once and it was hilarious to see the mom's swarm. It was like she had a box of drugs and the cash started flying! After her and I went to LA last February, she put her clips in a showroom in LA and has started selling to stores. She is so creative and is always telling me about the super cute new clip she just made.
Anyways a lot of you have asked if she had a website or somewhere you can see her clips. I must warn you, so far the pictures don't give them justice, but she's working on that. Also, she can do just about anything and is willing to do custom orders. Her website is just a sampling of some of her best sellers.


Becca said...

WOW! I just went to the website! I am so happy for her! She does do the cuttest things ever! I am loving this! WAY TO GO!

The Lemmermann's said...

HI!! Its Amyl (Lamb) Lemmermann, I found your blog from Kristens. It was so fun seeing your cute family! And I love the recipes on your recipe blog. I am going to try the sweet potatoes this week!!