Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We started out our Halloween celebrations by going to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. The girls had so much fun running through all the pumpkins. Peyton especially liked sitting on all of them. There were so many green pumpkins and most of the pumpkins were HUGE. I guess that's thanks to all the rain this year.Our ward trunk or treat was on the 25th. We all dressed up, Ryan as Sleeping Beauty, Peyton as Minnie Mouse, Troy as a motorcycle rider and me as a flapper. We had a fun dinner and then left the girls in the very capable hands of our babysitter, Melissa, to trunk or treat while Troy and I were off to a costume/card party. We had a great time at the party, hosted by Cristie and Scott, who was dressed as a very disturbing Joker. We had such a great time playing cards and laughing all night.
Last week for FHE we carved our pumpkins. I carved Cinderella's castle and Troy did Sleeping Beauty. Ryan LOVED the pumpkins. Unfortunately we don't trust our neighbors so they were left on the back porch and no one else saw them. I went to take a picture today and one is totally rotting and moldy. AWESOME!Ryan had school on Halloween so she got to dress up and they had a party. They had games, trick or treating, and decorated cookies. She had such a great time. That night we went to our friends, Jake and Sarah, for trick or treating. The girls had so much fun and were definitely not shy about going to the houses. Pieper and Peyton happily tagged along. Peyton walked most of the time and would not let go of her bag. It was so heavy at one point that I took it to dump the candy at the stroller and boy did I get yelled at! I basically had to pry it from her hands at the end of the night to go to bed.Halloween has become so much more fun the last couple of years with our girls. They have so much fun and of course Ryan is completely into dressing up. Thanks mom for all the beautiful costumes! It means the world to us that you very willingly make their costumes. Ryan has had her costume on nonstop since Halloween. Actually, as I sit here writing this, she's in it again!!


Becca said...

Sounds like you had fun! That is awesome! Your girls are so cute!

Em said...

Your girls look so cute! Looks like you had fun. Dressing the kiddos is my favorite part!

Jacalyn said...

The costumes are great! Your mom rocks!