Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sally, the Adventure Cat

Sally has returned!
Friday night after Troy got home from work, he went in the backyard and started poking around the wetland. He then went walking down the street along the wetland calling for Sally. He heard some meowing and went to investigate, but couldn't get to it. He came home and got me and asked me if I'd recognize Sally's meow. I said I would try and we left the girls in front of cartoons to investigate. I kept calling for Sally as we neared the place Troy thought she might be and the sound was coming from up above. We were shining flashlights in the trees and Troy caught her eyes in the light. The crazy cat was about 35 feet up in a tree. Now the question was what in the world we were going to do to get her down. Our neighbor, Will, said the fire department doesn't come out anymore. He had a 26 foot ladder that we decided to give a try. We met some other neighbors, Kent & Jolene and their kids, and they very graciously let us invade their backyard and were so helpful in trying to help us retrieve Sally. We tried from every angle possible, but were not successful in finding a secure way of positioning the ladder. Troy attempted to go up a ways and Sally even tried to come down, but unfortunately, it wasn't close enough. After a long time in the dark and rain, Troy was done. He told Sally she could just stay up there!! I decided to take Ryan to the fire department and see if she could "persuade" they to come help. As soon as we got in the car and pulled out of the garage, the girl from down the street came running up and said Sally was trying to climb down. We raced back to her house and sure enough, Sally had come down to the top of the ladder. With a lot of encouragement and quite the audience, Sally managed to back her way down. She was very frightened and very jumpy, but I think she was glad to be back with us. We took her home and locked her in the garage for the night. Since then she has stayed pretty close to the house. She seems to be either in the garage, on the back porch, or at Will's house. We're so happy to have Sally home, even though I'm still tempted to go back to the animal shelter for another one!!


Jennifer said...

That is quite the adventure!

Amanda said...

The same thing happened to us a few years ago. Only our cat was stuck about 60 feet up. I couldn't get anyone to help, after a week the cat jumped out. She survived and wasn't hurt at all, but it was a little traumatizing for us to witness.
I'm glad Sally is okay, and hopefully she learned her lesson.

Jacalyn said...

I always knew you guys were sketchy pet owners! I'm so glad Sally is back. We love her!

Sue Frelick said...

Hooray for Sally! Do you think she was in the tree the whole time?