Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

What a wonderful Christmas we had! Christmas Eve we were invited to Jake's parents. Ryan was so excited to go to Kennedy's grandma's house. We played bingo and I even won a round! We were then very fortunate to have Santa make a visit! He brought each kid a present of new Christmas jammies. Ryan was so excited and not at all shy about Santa, but Peyton just kept screaming at him. Troy had to take her up to get her present and she wasn't about to have her picture taken. She did enjoy opening her present and wanted to put her jammies on with the rest of the kids. We then had a wonderful dinner prepared by Jake's mom, Cheryl. The children then prepared for the nativity. All the children participated and most of them, including Ryan were beautiful angels. Thank you Sarah and Jake for including us in this special time!
Christmas morning we woke with two very excited girls. Peyton woke extra early and we gave her some bread, chocolate milk and animal crackers to tide her over until Ryan woke up. We finally sent Peyton in for Ryan and she was SO excited! We went downstairs and the girls were so happy that Santa had come. They both have enjoyed their presents so much and played so well together. Peyton was really in to opening the presents. She loved ripping off the paper and handing it to me! We spent the day watching the girls play with their toys and enjoying afternoon naps! We then had a wonderful Christmas dinner and just really enjoyed our time together.

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