Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a Weekend

This has been quite an eventful weekend! We decided to pick Troy up from work on Friday so that we could hurry downtown to see Santa at Nordstrom. When we arrived at the line for Santa at 5:45pm, I was told that the wait for Santa was about 3 hours and in fact the line had already been closed off. Seriously??? So instead we went to Cheesecake Factory!! We also took the girls on the Winter Wonderland Carousel. Saturday night we were invited to two holiday parties. One at our neighbors and the other at Troy's friend he carpools with. It was a great time to spend together enjoying company and visiting with new people.
Sunday was a typical day at church, until Peyton threw up on me. It wasn't much and she seemed fine. I cleaned us both up and headed back to class because Troy was teaching. Unfortunately, it happened again, A LOT! My good friend Cristie helped me clean Peyton up and I grabbed Ryan and headed home. We had made plans to go to Scott and Cristie's for dinner, being the good home teacher he is to us, and they said to go ahead and bring Peyton. We had a great dinner and were just finishing up when Peyton started crying for me to pick her up. Once she was finally in my lap, she threw up all over me AGAIN and a bit in my mouth. SICK. I grabbed my things and left Troy and Ryan to have dessert and we headed home for a nice LONG shower. I got her cleaned and changed and we rocked for a bit and then I happily put the poor tired girl to bed.
What an end to a fun holiday weekend!!!


Jennifer said...

Hilarious and SO gross! You have been the busiest woman lately. I didn't even get to talk to you at the enrichment thing. That was pretty crappy! We need to get together sometime! I haven't dared to start reading twilight yet because I've been a little busy. I think I'm gonna start today or tomorrow. I'll get it back to you soon, I promise!

Ashlee said...

i'll take cheesecake factory over santa anyday! glad you're having fun in seattle.