Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow!

It snowed overnight and the girls were so EXCITED! When Peyton and I came downstairs this morning and opened the blinds, she let out a big WOW! Ryan wanted to go outside and Peyton wasn't about to be left behind. I put them both in their snowpants, coats, boots and hats and let them loose out on the deck. I'm not sure it was even five minutes before Peyton wanted back in and Ryan followed. They sure have fun looking at it though!!


Sarah J. said...

Yes, it was too cold for my blood too! The girls played outside for a while and then I quickly came inside and left them out there to fend for themselves!

The Mullenaux Family said...

You and your family are adorable!!!
Hey, will you e-mail me your new address?
U going to be in AZ this Christmas?
Cyndi :-)