Sunday, December 7, 2008

Primary Program

Ryan participated as a Sunbeam in the primary program. She was SO cute and did such a great job. She was paired up with her "older" friend Courtney. She was so excited to sit up on the stand and get to talk into the microphone. She said her part almost perfectly with just a bit of help from Courtney and she sang beautifully in her little trio. For a Sunbeam, we haven't had to worry about her being shy!!


Sarah J. said...

Cute! Love the "traditional" look on Ryan! ;)

Jennifer said...

She is probably the least shy child I have ever met. I love it! She did do a great job. I was glad I got to see it.

The Magonigal Family said...

Okay so I'm jealous= Saxton wouldn't even sit up on the stage much less say his part. He does give talks in primary but won't preform on the BIG STAGE!!!