Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Beach

Day Two! Today we got up and rushed off to church. Us and the rest of our fellow tourists helped to increase the ward attendance at the Lahaina 1st ward. Parking was CRAZY with all of us invading. The girls were mostly good for Sacrament Meeting and Peyton made friends with the guy sitting next to her. At first I thought she'd be scared of him. He was definitely a local with his long hair, but sweet as can be. He kept pointing out characters in her books, turning them around so she could see them correctly, and he even started coloring Thumbelina with her. At one point he had closed his eyes and she turned to me and said, "Shh Mommy, he's sleeping!" Then she got very excited when he opened his eyes again. I thanked him after the meeting was over for entertaining my daughter, and he assured me it was the other way around.After church, we headed back to the resort for some lunch and then off to "Big Beach". Big beach is over on the South East side of the island, past Wailea. It's BIG! It's about 2/3 mile long and is a really wide beach, lots of room for anyone who wants to play. Only problem, the waves are CRAZY. Seriously, the shorebreak is very dangerous and will knock anything down. Troy took a few good spills, as well as Ryan. The girls loved playing in the sand and Troy loved playing in the water. I loved sitting in the sun and taking pictures of everything! We even found a little crab. Peyton had so much fun saying "crab" over and over and over again.After finishing at "Big Beach" we headed further along the road to the end. It ends out in the middle of the lava fields at the ocean. It's crazy to see.We then stopped in Wailea and walked around for a bit before heading to a favorite spot of ours for dinner, Maui Tacos. When we got back to the hotel, we jumped in the pool and hot tub before bringing the girls back to the room to crash. Fun times!

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Kym said...

That picture of Ryan cracks me up. Hilarious and cute at the same time. ;-)