Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pool Days

This is when Troy starts to get bored. We have literally spent the last two days at the pool ALL DAY LONG! However, this afternoon, Ryan was able to finally go on the "big" slide. I was talking to another family whose little boy had been going the whole trip and he is smaller than Ryan. So, we marched ourselves up to the slide, stood as big and tall as we could, and she PASSED!!!! She is so excited to have a wrist band just like all the big kids and she can do the slide when she is FIVE! Anyways, this is all very exciting to her, however, not so much for the two year old who isn't invited. Ryan kept going over and over, with myself and Troy joining her a few times. Peyton would jump off the side of the pool to Daddy, but that lost its appeal rather quickly after she realized what Ryan was doing. Oh well, someday! After a fun filled day, we hurried to catch the bus and headed down to Lahaina for some dinner. (What's with the eyes?)
We didn't see much before we had to catch the last bus, but we were able to walk through one of our favorite art galleries. We'll head back over again another day! P.S. This picture is for Jac!

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Jacalyn Roundy said...

Awesome! Glad the starfish dress is getting some more love. Ahh, the memories associated with that silly dress! :) If I ever have a girl, she HAS to wear it!