Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Healthy Competition

I'm taking a break from my vacation posting (because seriously we didn't do anything new yesterday, more pool/play time)!

Everyone knows that I was participating in a health competition throughout the summer. It was great. It lasted 10 weeks and helped me to lose over 12 pounds. I've decided to start this competition so that I can continue to improve myself and my health. Let me know if you're interested and feel free to pass the info along to anyone who might want to join. The last challenge had 40 people from across the country!

Feeling sluggish? Fat? Want to be healthier? Let’s work together, motivate each other, and have a little competition! I just finished a similar competition and loved it so much that I had to start this one so I could continue on a healthy path. It’s great motivation! Not only because you could win money, but you have to report your points weekly for everyone to see! You don’t want to look like a bum!
Here’s how it works: This contest is open to women only. All contestants will need to donate $20 bucks to the pot to be involved. There are 10 points to be earned each day, Monday through Saturday. Sunday is a free day, with no exceptions. The total you can earn in a week is 60 points. All points are to be emailed to Kim every Sunday and they will be posted by Monday on a blog (made specifically for this competition). For every day after Sunday that you send in your points, you will lose a point. So, make sure you email them over on Sunday!
Here is a breakdown of the points:
No Sugar – 1 point
No Unhealthy Snacks – 1 point
Healthy & Correctly Portioned Breakfast – 1 point
Healthy & Correctly Portioned Lunch – 1 point
Healthy & Correctly Portioned Dinner – 1 point
Take Multi-Vitamin – 1 point
No Food After 8:30 p.m. – 1 point
Exercise 45 minutes – 2 points
Drink 64 oz. Fluid (No Sugar!) – 1 point
Total = 10 points daily

You will also have 10 bonus points that can be used throughout the competition for those days where you are really struggling. You will need to report any bonus points used in your Sunday email. Any unused points will be added to your final score at the end!
There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The first prize winner will get 50% of the money, 2nd place will get 30 %, and 3rd will get 20%. Everyone will get a healthier/sexier body!
The competition will start September 6th and will run for 10 weeks until November 14th. All money is due by September 2nd.

(if you want the info, leave a comment w/your email or some contact info and I'll give it to you.)
The blog I will set up is a place that everyone will be able to post to. Not only will you see everyone’s points posted there, but you can offer some suggestions on things working for you, recipes you love, motivation, thoughts, questions for the contestants, etc.


Janelle said...

I'm in

Krull Family said...

I'm so interested!!! Count me in :)

Marissa and Allen Muir said...

Hey I am in, but I am leaving on my cruise Sept. 5. So can I join a week late? Who wants to be burdened with weight loss on a cruise? Also there are 2 ladies I work with that want to join as well. Keep us updated.

The Brown Family said...

i love your family pictre in your blog header! your girls are darling and their skirts are the cutest! good luck with your challenge. sounds fun!

Kym said...

I would love to join your competition. I don't know if I have your address, but I'll mail you a check. Just shoot me an email. Thanks!

Sarah H said...

Count me in. My email is

mommaofsunnybrookfarm said...

I think this sounds like a great idea... I would be interested in participating!