Monday, August 24, 2009

Life's a Beach

I know you are all missing my vacation updates, so here goes!
Since we didn't have transportation to church, we started the day out by making candy leis here at the resort. After our nice candy breakfast, we headed out to the beach. We just went out in front of the hotel and plopped ourselves down in the sand. The girls had fun playing in the sand and Troy and I read a bit. After a while, we coaxed Peyton out into the water for a little fun. She even willingly got onto the boogie board. Unfortunately she was sent tumbling in the waves after catching one a little too big for her! Too bad I didn't get a picture of that. It took a lot of convincing, but slowly I was able to get Ryan out into the water with the promise of just jumping in the waves with Mommy. Then we got her to lay on her boogie board so I could just pull her around. Not long later, she was cruising, catching every wave she could. I went back up to the sand and played with Peyt for a bit and Ryan made friends with another little girl down the way. When we decided to leave the beach, Ryan started complaining that she still wanted to "catch some waves". Ah, my surfer chick!
Everyone was hungry so I went about making sandwiches for lunch. Peyton wanted PB&J and while she was eating that I gave here a slice of cheese, next thing you know, she's opened her PB&J and put the cheese in it and put it back together. GROSS. She did eat the WHOLE thing.
We then decided to take a break from the sun so we headed on the bus to Lahaina to wander Front Street. We had some fun wandering in and out of some art galleries. While we were in one particular gallery we love, Peter Lik, Peyton decided she didn't need to wear her dress or shoes anymore. It didn't matter what I did, she would not put her dress back on. She at least had a cute flower in her hair!! It also showed how clean the beautiful wood floors were!
After we had all the fun we could on Front Street, we headed back on the bus over to Aloha Mixed Plate for some yummy Hawaiian food. This is our way of having Kalua Pork without having to go to a luau! We discovered this last year and it was one of our favorite restaurants. The food is cheap and good and it's next door to the Old Lahaina Luau, so you can enjoy some good music!
Another fun day!

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Go Fisch said...

We loved AMP too. We ate there several times while we were on Maui.