Monday, August 17, 2009

Lazy Pool Day 3

We started out the morning with a little workout, then we hit the welcome breakfast for a healthy and delicious breakfast of muffins, pastries and orange juice. After breakfast, Troy went to join the group workout session and the girls and I headed to the pool for some fun. The girls had so much fun playing with all the kids and the toys. Ryan would spend all day at the pirate ship playing if we would just let her! Since we had to return the rental car by 2pm, Troy drove us over so Ryan and I could get our toes done. It wasn't the best pedicure I've ever had, but it is so much better than they started out!! Ryan got yellow toes with little white flowers to match her new "bikini". I know, I know, how immodest, but they were both so cheap and so cute, that we indulged our "little" girls! Besides, Ryan really needed a new suit and Peyton needed one that Troy could put on her that didn't take 10 tries. After returning the car, we came back to the resort, slathered on some more sunscreen and headed back to the pool. The girls swam and played and we happily read our books. Ryan loves to wear her snorkle and swim around. Since Ryan is STILL too small for the "big" slide (by less than an inch), we spent some time on the extremely, teeny, tiny slide! Peyton can't get enough of it. The three of them kept going over and over and over again. We finished off the night by grilling some steaks. We tried to go watch the movie out on the lawn, but since it's so windy, they had to have it inside and it was a really small room and both girls were tired. It's pretty pathetic when they are asking to go to bed!!!!

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